Unlock Exclusive Access with Your First Flights Badge

We're excited to introduce the First Flights Theta Badge, a key component of our new loyalty program in collaboration with Theta Labs. This badge unlocks access to our First Flights Screening Room and exclusive community events.

The First Flights Online Screening Room will feature cast and crew screenings, along with premieres of our award-winning films. 

Leveraging Theta Labs Enterprise DRM technology, our screening rooms offer unparalleled security for film distribution:

  • No possibility of password sharing (unlike services that start with "V")
  • Screen capture is disabled (attempts will result in a black screen)
  • Your festival eligibility remains intact

For filmmakers, this means the ability to host online screenings for your authenticated fans with the assurance of top-tier security, akin to a private cinema screening, thus protecting your work in the digital realm.

Claim Your Badge Now & Join the Future of Film:

  1. Click here to create an account with Theta.
  2. Navigate to your user profile and select "Enter Promo Code."
  3. Copy and paste your unique code from your email notification. 
  4. Wait approximately 2 hours for your badge to mint. Success!

Watch the 2 min video below for a full walkthrough