​Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked most about First Flights and the Short Film Fund.

First Flights Features

1How do I submit?

We will only accept feature submissions that are sent using the submit form found here

2What is the review process?

Applicants will receive a confirmation email once their projects have been submitted.

Please remember it may take some time for your film to be fully processed by the team. Please leave at least four weeks for your project to be processed.

If we wish to take the project further, we will arrange a meeting with the producer and directors to discuss further.

3What are Ripogram, Anamatic and Short Clips?

Think of these as an audio and visual representation of your mood board. These are an essential asset for a feature film projects as when sharing the project to many stakeholders will very quickly communicate the central theme and tone of your film. There are three main types:


This is where you pull together footage from other films and stitch them together with a voice-over, text, and soundtrack to create a mock trailer for the film. It is probably the most straightforward version to do, as you’ll only need to edit existing footage 'ripped' from youtube.


This is similar to Ripogram, but you use stills of the film's storyboard with voice over and soundtrack to create a trailer or even to show a key scene from the film that captures the essence of the story. You can use the Ken Burns effect to zoom in and out of each still to create movement.


If you already have footage of the film, maybe from a screen test you could use this footage to show to vision, style and tone of the film.

4What should a Pitchbook aka Lookbook contain?

This is the long-form document that should contain everything else to pitch the film. Make this look slick. Check for grammatical errors. The whole document should visually represent what the films look and feel will be. The Pitchbook should contain:

One page synopsis

Short and sweet and allows anybody to quickly understand the main story arc.

Director’s vision

Why is the director making this film? Be honest. Don't tell us what you think we want to hear. This is where you can get across the story behind the story, the story that allows us to tell others why this film should be made.

Director’s Bio

First Flights is a talent lead initiative so this section is important to us. Any notable achievements, awards, and links to existing work we can look at go here.

Budget / Financial Plan

If you have a budget, it needs to have details and not simply a one-line amount like £1,000,000. Details show us you have a realistic understanding of how the script's story will translate into the final film.

Bios of confirmed cast and crew

If you have secured actors and have timelines to fit please also put those details here. Showing you have built an experienced team around you is also a vital factor in the selection process for us. If you have a link in the industry, you hope to exploit then let us know.

Short Film Fund

1How to apply?

You can submit your short film project during the current 2024 submission period of Feb 5th until April 30th 2024.

Your application will need to include:

  • Project details: title / genre / location / budget / funding amount sought  / intended production date
  • A 30 word logline
  • A 250 word synopsis
  • A 250 word directors vision – creative ideas and information on why the story is important and who it is for
  • A completed script (no more than 30 pages)
  • A biography of the director. Links to the director/writer/producer IMDB pages if available
  • A budget
  • Optional: look book and sizzle reel
2What are we looking for?

The First Flights Short Film Fund is available to film makers from anywhere in the world.

The First Flights Short Film Fund is intended for live action, aimation and documentary short films of any genre. The projects can originate from any country but the application must be made in English. We are looking for projects with running times under 30 minutes.

The SFF funding can be a financial contribution towards an overall budget or applications can be made for full financing provided the budget is under £7,000 / $10,000. Awards will be given to projects which intend to be in production no more than six months after the deadline closes. Awards provided are non-recoupable and are grants provided to the project.

Applications should be submitted by either the Producer, Director or Writer of a project. Eligible applicants should be 18 years of age or older.

3What is the review process?

Applicants will receive a confirmation email once their projects have been submitted. Assessments will be made within 30 days after the closing of submissions and applicants will be contacted by email of the decision.

All applications and scripts are reviewed and graded on a point-based system, and the assessment criteria will cover: originality, creativity, plot, pacing & structure, characters, entertainment, message effectiveness and the viability and feasibility of the project.

The long list is created and reviewed by a team of independent judges from across the film industry (judges names will be published in the final month of the selection process), from which all candidates are interviewed. This will be a forum to have a detailed conversation about the project but also gives the applicants an opportunity to ask any outstanding questions. This meeting can happen remotely via video conferencing or in person. Applicants may be asked to provide evidence that they have secured the rights or underlying rights to the project. If applying for partial funding, applicants will need to show evidence of alternative sources of finance. Following the interview’s and prompt receipt of any requested information, the ratings from independent judges and the interviews are then used to make the final selection.

We will respond to all applicants as they move through the review process but as a result of the volume of applicants we receive, we do not have the resources to provide detailed feedback on projects that do not progress.

4What happens if I am selected?

We will issue a formal Agreement which will outline our formal expression of interest and the key terms of the arrangement. Once signed, funds will be deployed to the project as per the terms of the Agreement.

Projects will be required to credit First Flights with an animated logo and presentation card at the start of the project and two Executive Producer credits in the main titles.

5What are the submission fees and deadlines?

Current submission period

Early bird fees are £20 per project until February 29th

Regular fee is £30 until March 31st

Late fee is £40 until April 30th

6Is this open to international submissions?

Yes! The 2023 fall short film fund is in partnership with Theta Labs, a internationally recognised brand and thus we accept worldwide entries.

The fund is available to film makers from around the globe. The fund is up to £7000, or USD $10,000 which will be converted into your local currency should you win.

FF3 - Web3 Crowdfunding

1Where is the FAQ?

The FAQ is a work in progress and can be found here

Please make suggestions by using the comments button on the top right. To comment you will need to be on a desktop browser.

2How do I onboard to the FF3 platform?
Visit here: https://www.first-flights.com/2022/01/24/how-to-onboard-to-the-ff3-platform/


1Contact Us

If you wish to contact us for press, marketing, or website issues not listed here please email hello[at]first-flights.com

We will not answer any emials related to film submissions, or accept any unsolicited film enquires on this address.

2How to I reset my password?

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