Incubator for Emerging Filmmakers

First Flights is driven to discover emerging filmmakers with bold and daring voices. We want to nurture talent and their projects with a tailored and hands-on approach which will cover production, financing and distribution. The ambition is to have a long-term outlook and to build careers where talent can move to larger scale productions.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for talent who can demonstrate short filmmaking experience (premiered at an international festival) or have completed a low budget feature. The submitted projects should be budget up to £1M and can be any genre but should have international appeal.

Filmmaking is about storytelling, not just on the screen but behind the screen across production, financing, and marketing a film. You have to tell us a story that we can tell other people about you, about your film that’s interesting and persuasive, and memorable.

You will need to cover the basics such as a synopsis, treatment, script, writer and director details. Additionally, we will also need materials to help tell your story easily to others, so we need to see pitch books and teaser trailers. You can read more about these below.

Once you have everything ready, use the form below to submit your feature film. We want to work with people that are as passionate about making successful films as we are.

Submit First Flights Feature

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    Keep the treatment to no more than 5-6 pages.
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    The script doesn't have to be the final script, but we need to see the first draft as a minimum.
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    If you have a budget, it needs to have details and not simply a one-line amount like £1,000,000. Details show us you have a realistic understanding of how the script's story will translate into the final film.
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    This is an essential asset as we have to show the project to many stakeholders, and this will very quickly communicate the central theme and tone of your film. Think of it as an audio and visual representation of your mood board. Read more here
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    This is the long-form document that should contain everything else to pitch the film. Make this look slick. Check for grammatical errors. The whole document should visually represent what the films look and feel will be. Read more here
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    Please upload the bios of the Director, Producers and Writers if available.
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