Bloom – A Zachary Gladwin Animation Film

How to onboard to the FF3 platform
24 January 2022

Bloom - An Animation Film

It follows the story of a young teen who awakes from a hypnotic trance in a strange land, where he must search high and low for a way to escape his lonely existence. Will his curiosity and ingenuity be able to withstand repeated failures and the familiar draw to complacency, or will he find a way to break through his limits and explore the great beyond?

“Bloom” asks questions such as: What does it take for someone to bloom into their full potential? What holds us back? Is it ever too late to try? It aims to inspire you to stay curious, never give up, and remind you that no one achieves anything alone.


Zachary Gladwin – Writer & Director

Zachary Gladwin is a whimsical artist and storyteller living in the magical mountains of North Carolina. He has cultivated over 14 years of experience in the film industry while also working as an independent children’s book illustrator and popular NFT artist.

Inspired by wonder, magic, myths, legends, and fairytales, Gladwin effortlessly employs a sincere childlike quality encased in an otherworldly atmosphere, which inspires audiences to explore a land where reality and fantasy intertwine.

The world of animation has beckoned him from a very young age. Though Gladwin’s animation experience may be budding, he is eager to delve deep into this opportunity, knowing he possesses the creativity to expand this realm with his expert filmmaking and illustrative background to bring the most fantastical stories to life.

Raise and Rewards

Bloom is raising money to cover the cost of production which will cover costs such as storyboard artist and animatics, animation timing, character designer, prop designer, background design, character animator, effects animator and art materials. 

Zachary has created five tier levels representing increasingly rare NFTs to reward patrons of the film. Each tier is cumulative and gives you access to the previous tier. For example, purchasing 400 BLOOM Film Tokens would open Tier 3 access, giving you:

NFT : Glow Worm - Common
NFT : Dragonfly - Unique
NFT : Jellyfish - Special
Discord Chat Level 1, 2, and 3
Access to view/stream completed film on release day
Special Thanks credit on film and IMDB.
Early access to film
Access to the production discord

So you want to get on board and support Zachary's fantastic new project? 

Awesome! Bloom is raising funds on the film crowdfunding application that runs on the blockchain and specifically the Polygon Network.

This allows the project to support Zachary's beautiful artwork as NFTs and allows utility such as Behind the Scene access to the animation process of the film.

So it’s a bit different from your usual Kickstarter-type platforms, as there are a couple of extra steps to take, such as having a digital wallet and making sure you have enough digital currency in your wallet to buy, but follow the steps below you'll be sorted in no time at all!

Ok, let's get started.


Get a digital wallet (if you don't have one).

Do you have a digital wallet such as Metamask or Coinbase? If you do, jump to step 2. If not then you’ll need to set one up. 

Metamask and Coinbase are brands of digital wallets. Kinda like having a Visa or Mastercard. Your digital wallet will be accessed via a plugin extension on your browser, and you can use Chrome, Firefox or Edge. If you are browsing one of these already, you are good to go.

Sorry Safari users, you’ll have to use one of the above for your digital wallet experience.

If you are unsure of which one to use, set up Metamask Wallet.



Connect to the Polygon Network.

Once you have your wallet, you need to connect to the Polygon Network. Polywhat???

There are lots of blockchain networks, and we use the Polygon Network. Why? It’s cheap to use (transactions cost less than the cost of one visa transaction) and it is better for the environment, which we know is important to mindful creatives.

By default, digital wallets are on the Ethereum Network, so let's connect to the Polygon Network. You can manually add the network address, but it's easier on a desktop to go to the website. Connect your wallet in the and then type in ‘Polygon’ in the search bar and click on the ‘Add Chain’ button on the Matic tab, and follow the prompts.



Top up your wallet with Matic and USDC.

Next, you need to buy some Matic and USDC. Matic is the currency of the Polygon Network and pays for transaction fees in the same way credit cards charge a small percentage on every transaction. USDC is the currency to buy Bloom tokens.

We use USDC as it’s a stablecoin, which means it uses fancy algorithms to track the value of the $US dollar, and it won’t wildly change in value like other digital currencies can. This is important for creators who are raising a specific amount of money for the production budget.

If you already have some digital currency, such as Ethereum, you can swap them for Matic and USDC using a marketplace. A popular one to use is Uniswap.


If you need to purchase Matic and USDC then you can just click on the ‘Buy Crypto’ button on the project page.


Please note. When deciding how much USDC to buy add an extra 5% to cover FF3 platform fees. This is added separately so that all the money you pledge goes to the film-maker.  


Buy Bloom Tokens

Now you are ready to buy Bloom Tokens and support the project. Much like Kickstarter, there are tier levels, that give patrons more valuable rewards the higher the tier. Each tier level has a minimum amount of tokens you need to hold. So, if you want the Tier 2 Dragonfly NFT, you need to purchase a minimum of 150 Bloom tokens, which equates to 150 USDC.

Each tier level gets the same NFTs and utility as all lower tiers, so if you purchase Tier 5 Gold Jellyfish - Super Rare, you’ll get the four other NFTs as well.

To purchase a token, connect your wallet and then click the ‘Buy Button’. Enter the number of Bloom units to buy, for instance, 150 for Tier level 2 Dragonfly. Then click ‘Buy BLM’



What happens next?

The tokens are locked in until the maximum amount of $55,000 is raised or we hit the end of the raise date, which is counting down below!